Web Hosting

We at Einstein Web Design are equipped to provide web hosting for our clients. The price of the web hosting is calculated into the total price of each of our web site packages.

More and more businesses are taking advantage of foreign outsourcing as a primary source of their hosting and customer service...which is nice and cheap, but very unreliable and a disaster if problems ever occur...unless you know how to speak several different foreign languages. Our hosts, on the other hand, are 100% U.S. based hosting companies with all customer support in-house (no outsourcing ). Should problem occur, we can address the issue with the web host, who speaks English, to get the issue resolved very quickly. Problems that may occur are things such as a down server, which means that no one can access your web site. A down server is the sort of thing that we at Einstein Web Design will not tolerate nor pass on to our clients. The hosts we use guarantee 99.9% uptime. We have used these hosts for the past 5 years and they have never had any sort of downtime.

The need for speed ~ Having a web site that downloads quickly is essential to keeping customers on your site....and keeping them coming back. How quickly your site download depends on two things: how the page was programed and how fast the host operates. Some hosts will cram hundreds of web sites onto one server which uses up too much space and memory, which makes all of the sites stored on the server download as slow as molasses in the winter. Such hosts are cheap, sometimes even free, but why bother? We at Einstein Web Design program all of our web sites to download quickly and the hosts we use have proven themselves worthy of proper storage and speed.

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